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Improving the quality of school education should be a national priority. Better academic results would improve the lives of students and lift workforce productivity.

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National and international assessments suggest Australia has significant room to improve academic results at both ends of the performance spectrum.

There is an urgent need to strengthen the evidence base on effective classroom practice and create clearer pathways and stronger incentives for effective practices to be adopted in all schools. Reforms are also needed to overhaul teacher career paths to recognise and deploy teaching expertise more strategically, and ensure teachers have enough time to focus on the preparation needed to deliver effective teaching in every classroom.

This submission to the Productivity Commission’s Review of the National School Reform Agreement (NSRA) consultation process draws on Grattan Institute’s research on school workforce strategy, teaching quality and school improvement. The submission focuses primarily on matters relating to student achievement and priority areas for reform.

Jordana Hunter

Education Program Director
Jordana Hunter is the Education Program Director at Grattan Institute. She has an extensive background in public policy design and implementation, with expertise in school education reform as well as economic policy.

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