Is cutting fuel excise the best way to bring down petrol prices? - Podcast

One of the big winners of last Tuesday’s federal budget were motorists, when Josh Frydenberg announced a 22 cent per litre cut in fuel excise.

But what really is the fuel excise tax, and what is it used for? Was it the right economic choice to cut back on fuel excise while petrol is expensive?

Kat Clay, Head of Digital Communications, discusses the fuel excise cut and what governments could do to bring down petrol prices with Marion Terrill, Transport and Cities Program Director, and Lachlan Fox, Associate.

Marion Terrill

Transport and Cities Program Director
Marion is a leading transport and cities expert with a long history in public policy. She has worked on tax policy for the federal Treasury, and led the design and development of the MyGov account. She has provided expert analysis and advice on labour market policy for the Federal Government, the Business Council of Australia, and at the Australian National University.

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