Spruik no more: depoliticising taxpayer-funded advertising - Podcast

If you’ve been watching TV or reading the paper, chances are you’ve seen an ad spruiking the achievements of federal and state governments, from the next big transport project to how they’re reducing the cost of living.

While some of these ads are worthwhile—such as encouraging people to get vaccinated—others masquerade as subtle political ads on the taxpayer dime. So, what can be done to prevent such blatant misuse of taxpayer-funded advertising?

Join host Kat Clay, as she discusses the latest report in the New Politics series, with co-authors Kate Griffiths and Anika Stobart.


Kate Griffiths

Budgets and Government Deputy Program Director
Kate Griffiths is the Deputy Program Director of Grattan Institute’s Budgets and Government Program. She previously worked for The Boston Consulting Group with clients in the energy and health sectors, and in science and research policy for the federal Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.

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