Why the Federal Government needs to introduce an emissions ceiling on new cars - Podcast

Australians have a passionate love affair with cars. We use them to travel this vast and wide country, to visit friends and family, and carry our tools. Not to mention, do burnouts.

But cars and their by-products also have a detrimental effect on our environment, health and wellbeing. And reducing our emissions from cars is just one of the puzzle pieces in reaching net zero by 2050.

So, what policies can government put in place to make sure Australians can continue to enjoy cars, while reducing the negative social and environmental effects?

To hear about their new report, The Grattan car plan: practical policies for cleaner transport and better cities, join Ingrid Burfurd, Senior Associate, and Lachlan Fox, Graduate Associate, with Kat Clay, Head of Digital Communications, on the Grattan podcast.

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Ingrid Burfurd

Senior Associate
Ingrid Burfurd is a Senior Associate in Grattan Institute’s Cities and Transport Program. Ingrid has a background in public policy and academic research, with experience in environmental, transport, and procurement policy. Her expertise is in designing markets for public goods.

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