Why the federal government should boost paid parental leave for fathers and partners - Podcast

On Sunday, Dads across Australia were celebrated by their families for Father’s Day – whether in-person or virtually. But for new dads, Australia has one of the least generous parental leave schemes in the developed world. And Australian fathers have been reluctant to access what little leave is available to them.

To coincide with Father’s Day, the Grattan team has released a new report – Dad Days: how more gender-equal parental leave would improve the lives of Australian families. Discussing their report is Danielle Wood, CEO, and Owain Emslie, Senior Associate, with Kat Clay, Head of Digital Communications.

Danielle Wood

Chief Executive Officer
Danielle Wood is the CEO of Grattan Institute, where she heads a team of leading policy thinkers, researching and advocating policy to improve the lives of Australians. She also leads Grattan’s Budgets and Government Program.

Owain Emslie

Senior Associate
Owain Emslie is a Senior Associate at Grattan Institute. He has worked in the Transport and Cities, Household Finances, School Education, and Budget and Governance programs. He has co-authored reports on transport infrastructure procurement, female workforce participation, retirement incomes, and measuring student progress.

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Danielle Wood – CEO