The housing we’d choose

by Jane-Frances Kelly

The Housing We’d Choose presents original research on the preferences of Australians to explore the relationship between the housing we want and the housing we have. A representative sample of more than 700 residents in Sydney and Melbourne was asked to make real-world housing choices, limited by their budgets. The housing they chose was a much more varied mix than either city currently provides. The research suggests significant shortfalls of semi-detached housing and apartments in the middle and outer areas of both cities.

The report also examines recent construction trends and argues that there are barriers to delivering more of the housing people say they want. These include the cost of materials and labour for buildings over four storeys, land assembly and preparation, and the risk and uncertainty of our planning systems, especially in Victoria. A subsequent report will recommend changes to the design of the housing market in order to provide people with more of the homes they say they want.

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