Prime Minister's Summer Reading List 2022 - Event recording - Podcast

Listen to Grattan CEO Danielle Wood in conversation with renowned journalist Eleanor Hall, as they discuss Grattan’s top six thought-provoking, compelling, and relevant books from 2022. It’s been an extraordinary year, and these are extraordinary reads – not only for the Prime Minister, but for all Australians interested in public policy.

Danielle and Eleanor are introduced by the CEO of State Library Victoria, Paul Duldig, and joined by the authors of three of these wonderful books, Debra Dank, Sam Vincent, and Jessica Au, in this event recording.

The Grattan Institute 2022 Summer Reading List for the Prime Minister is:

  • Career & Family: Women’s Century-Long Journey toward Equity – Claudia Goldin
  • We Come With This Place – Debra Dank
  • My Father and Other Animals – Sam Vincent
  • Cold Enough for Snow – Jessica Au
  • Buried Treasure – Jo Chandler (in the Griffith Review)
  • Healing: Our path from mental illness to mental health – Thomas Insel

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Danielle Wood – CEO