Latest Submissions

18 May 2021

Towards net-zero emissions

Australia can move to high levels of renewable electricity, with little risk to reliability or affordability.

30 April 2021

Enhancing the role of Victoria’s Parliamentary Budget Office

The Victorian PBO has quickly established itself as an important part of the state’s policy landscape. But its role and impact can and should be enhanced. Here’s how.

9 March 2021

The JobSeeker rise isn’t enough

The Federal Government should increase the permanent rate of JobSeeker, not by $25 a week as proposed, but by at least $100 a week for singles. Here’s why.

10 February 2021

How to reform the prosthesis market

Private hospital insurance pays out more than $2 billion each year in benefit payments for prostheses, accounting for more than 12 per cent of all benefit payments. There is scope for major reform of prosthesis payments, despite recent changes.

8 February 2021

The promised national anti-corruption watchdog must have real teeth

The Federal Government’s commitment to establish a Commonwealth Integrity Commission is welcome. But the new body will need more powers and funds than presently proposed.

3 February 2021

How to encourage more mothers back into paid work

The 2021 federal Budget should include changes to the Child Care Subsidy to encourage more mothers back into paid work and hasten national recovery from the COVID recession.

14 December 2020

We must not leave young Australians behind

Many young Australians were in a weak economic position before the pandemic, and the recession has made their situation worse. We must not leave them behind.

26 October 2020

JobMaker needs to be more ambitious

The eligibility criteria for the Federal Government’s hiring credit scheme are too narrow and preclude important opportunities for accelerating employment growth.

12 October 2020

Australia needs to rethink capital financing of residential aged care

Here’s how the settings should be re-designed to uphold older Australians’ rights and community interests.

18 September 2020

Lessons from Victoria’s COVID-19 failures

The tragedies of the second wave show the need to reinvest in public health staffing and infrastructure.